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Website Optimisation

"Get listing of your website in the top 10 of google, yahoo, msn etc."

You must have seen hundreds of emails and websites selling you this line, by virtue of having secretive 'insider' information with these companies on how the search engines work. But sadly, the simple truth is: No one can guarantee top listings on any search engine, in fact, no one can even guarantee that you'll ever be listed. This can be vouched by google itself, take a look here

So the moral of the story - beware of these kind of claims and unethical Search Engine Optimization firms as there are many out there, out to con you!

So how can you actually get your website ranked highly in the popular search engines?


Yes content is king on the Internet. People search for information on the internet, so they are looking for companies or services that can solve their problems, offer value-addition, experts in the field Etc. So if you are an expert in your field, your website needs to reflect that! Ranking a website well on Yahoo! or MSN requires a solid-sized site with unique content and a very good number of links. So a website with only 10 pages may not do that well in search engine rankings, when compared to a website with 100 pages.

Well Written and Related Content, Relevant Page Titles and Meta-tag Descriptions - Is the Magic Formula to get top ranking in search engines

Some of the other related ingredients to this magic portion are -

1. Before using keywords in your website marketing copy, research those keywords, that are most likely to be used by people looking for your product or service. Use the tools like Yahoo's Keyword Tool or Goggle's Sandbox to search for popular keywords related to your business.

2. Use these keywords in your page tittle, metatags, description, and within sentences of your website copy. Do not overuse the words - keyword stuffing could get you banned from Google and others. Do not use the same keywords in metatags of all your pages. Let the metatags and description of each page be different from the other.

3. Incoming links to your website - another sure shot way of getting ranked higher in search engines. Getting webmasters of other websites, relevant to your area of business (may not your competitor), to link to your website, and you in turn, placing a link on your site to his, is what link exchange is all about. Get as many high value links as possible. Best way to determine High Value links is to install the Google Toolbar at and use Google's Page Rank to determine link value. Use link exchange tools like - to share links with other webmasters. Be very careful in determining the quality of links exchanges you approve. Quality of the links is what matters and not Quantity

4. Coming back to content, make it a point to add relevant content to your site, such as news articles, news, blogs or tools related to your business or industry. Not only will your website visitors love to keep returning to your website, it will also increase your search engine saturation.

5. Make a sitemap of your website, and essentially gives visitors a visual map of the links on your website. This makes for easy navigation. Use Google XML sitemaps, which essentially tells the Google spider -the structure of your website.

6. Use Image ALT Tags, since Search Engines do not recognize text contained in images. The ALT tag is used for a very short description of an image or graphic file, and is displayed when your mouse pointer hovers above a graphic. Using your important keywords in the image description has been shown to have a small effect with some search engines.

7. Check for broken links and correct HTML, spelling typo's Etc. You can use a free tool like Dead Links to check for broken links. Broken links are the infamous 'HTTP 404 Page not found' errors, which are displayed in the browser, if one of your website links are not working properly. Broken links stop search engine spiders dead in their tracks, preventing them from indexing or searching other pages in your website


8. Submit your site to the search engines if it has never been submitted or you are not listed in that particular engine. Most search engines still have a free submit. You can find Google's ADD URL here

Submit your site to the Directories including Yahoo! and DMOZ. DMOZ is the Open Directory Project and is used to power thousands of other sites and directories - Inclusion in this directory gets you links in 1000's of other sites.

So as you can see by following some basic guidelines of website design, you can get try to get a decent search engine ranking, for your website.

We follow most of these guidelines when designing your website. And if required we can also suggest other website marketing strategies like placing RSS feeds and syndicating news articles in your website. Going in for Pay-Per-Click campaigns, Banner Exchange programs among others to drive traffic. But as you already know, no advertising media, be it TV, Newspaper, Radio, can guarantee results, this goes for the Internet as well. The internet a huge place and technology changes all the time - so do the search engines - a site that is #1 today might be #1001 tomorrow.


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