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Our web design portfolio highlights some of our designers work in a variety of categories. Since each of our clients are unique, you will see many different web design styles as you browse through our design porfolio. It is always our policy to implement the client's ideas first and offer our suggestions as we go. We believe that creativity is part of individuality!

Ecommerce Website Development Get started today! Fill out our

Website Design Questionaire

Web Designing Questionaire



Company Name:

Address Line 1:

Address Line 2:



Postal Code/Zip:

Daytime Phone:

Evening Phone:

Email Address:

1. Please select all web page elements that you will want to include on your web site.

Welcome/Main page

About Me/Bio/Profile

Members-only or other password protection

Links to other resources

Encryption for security

Contact me/us

Newsletters with Archives QTY? 

Bio's/Profiles QTY? 

Locations of/directions to our offices

Mission Statement

Articles QTY? 


Job/Career Opportunities

Services. QTY? 

Products QTY? 

Site Map

Awards and recognition

Workshops, classes, seminars

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

RSS Feeder

Policies & procedures

On-line catalog and secure ordering

Client lists & testimonials

Bulletin Board

Buttons that change when clicked

Flash Banner/Flash Intro

Submit my site to search engines

Autoresponders QTY? 








2. Do you currently have a corporate logo and/or corporate image that you want to incorporate into the web site?
Yes No

If you do have a logo, is it available to us in digital format (.JPG, .GIF., .TIF)?
Yes, available in digital No, must be scanned

If you do not have a logo, would you like us to create one for you?

Yes  No

3. Do you have photos you want included?
Yes No

If so, are they available in digital format (.JPG, .GIF, .TIF, etc.)?
Yes, available in digital No, must be scanned Combination

Approximately how many photos?

4. What colours do you prefer? Do you lean toward warm colours (red, pink, orange, yellow, brown) or cool colours (blue, green, purple, black)? Do you prefer a softer, pastel look, or bright, vibrant colours? Earth tones? Neutrals (grays, taupe, white, beige)? Please describe, in as many words as you like, your preferences and ideas for your colour scheme.

5. Describe, in as many words as you like, the nature of your business.

6. Describe, in as many words as you like, what you intend this web site to do for your business. Do you want to use it to attract clients? Sell products and services via an on-line store? Provide useful free information? Be a resource for others? Become well-known in a particular industry? Promote a business idea, charity, public service, association? Knowing what you expect from your web site will help me create a functional design for you, so take some time to clarify your expectations.

7. Describe, in as many words as you like, your target audience. Who are they? Are they current clients or new clients? What might they be looking for on your web site? What types of clients do you want to attract? It's important to be clear on who your audience is, so I can design the most workable solution.

8. Do you favour a conservative, very corporate image? Masculine or feminine image? Fun and playful? Bright and colourful? Soft and restful? Please give me a description of the image you want to project.

9. Do you want animation effects on your web site, such as: buttons that look like they've been "clicked", quote of the day, scrolling marquee, etc.? Describe the animation effects you'd like to have.

10. Do you require special e-commerce functions such as: a client registration or other database; secure product order forms; on-line catalogue of products; or other? Please describe.

11. Do you currently have a domain name for your web site (such as If so, list the domain here.

If you do not have a domain name, please list your top 3 choices for domain names here, so I can check the availability.


12. Do you currently have a web hosting provider?

   Yes  No

If so, please provide the following contact information for your provider:
Provider Company Name   
Contact Person    
Would you like me to arrange Web Hosting?     Yes No

13. Can you give us the web addresses for other web sites you particularly like, and tell us why you like them? This will help us to get an idea of your tastes and what you might be looking for.

Site #1:

Why I like it:

Site #2:

Why I like it:

Site #3:

Why I like it:

Site #4:

Why I like it:

14. What is your time frame for completing this project? Please give us an approximate target date.

15. Do you currently have the content/text of the web site written and readily available in electronic format, or do you need to write the content or have someone else do so? (If the content is not ready to go today, this will impact the delivery date and possibly the price. You may want to complete most or all of the content BEFORE asking for a quote.) Please select one response below to describe your readiness with your site content.

The content is 90% ready and available in 90% electronic format.
The content is 90% ready, but in paper format only.
The content is 90% ready, and is in some combination of electronic or printed format.
The content is 50% or more complete.
The content is barely started or does not exist at all.

16. Will portions of your web site require frequent updating on a weekly or monthly basis? Features such as calendars/schedules, daily quotes, etc., require that arrangements be made to perform regular site maintenance. Please indicate your expectations of web site maintenance by selection one of the options below.

I will require weekly or monthly updates to my site and will want Executive Assistance to handle the updates.
I will require weekly or monthly updates to my site and will handle the updates myself or have someone other than Executive Assistance do them.
I will probably only require updates a few times a year and will contact Executive Assistance if I want assistance with the updates.

17. Additional information. If you have additional information to share with us regarding your ideas for your web site, please provide this information below.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire. We will have a quote for you within 48 business hours.

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Domain Name Selection and Registration | Web Hosting Space with Database backend | Website Design | Payment Gateway Integration Ecommerce Shopping cart development and customisation | Securing your website transactions with SSL certitication |
Website Search Engine Optimization and periodic submission | Reseller Hosting

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