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Web Hosting Packages

What is Hosting?
If you want to get your website accessible to customers across the globe, then you need to place (host) it on a secure computer system (actually a very high-end computer). It is like buying real-estate on the internet to build your home(website)

Why Outsource Hosting?
As you know, your website needs to be accessible 24hrs, 365 days a year. If you plan to host your website in your office, then you will need to run your computers all the time, and also ensure that it does not get infected by viruses or hacked by some 13yr old. This is where a hosting provider comes in handy. They run high-end computer servers located in a state-of-art secure building, ensuring that your website stays online even when you sleep.

Linux or Windows Hosting, which should i opt for?
You don't have to decide on the operating system, based on what you are comfortable with or based on what your local desktop computer runs on. Since the server operating system that runs your websites, is installed and maintained by MahaHost, and both are suitable for hosting your website. The ulitmate decision would be made by your website designer or developer. If your website has just plain HTML pages, or if it has a shopping cart developed using the PHP as a programming tool, then it can run on either Linux or Windows. But if your website has been designed using a Microsoft technology like ASP,ASP.NET or uses a database like MS Access or MS SQL, then you would need to host it on a Windows server only.

We have servers running both operating systems, and if you arestill undecided, give us a call, or email us, and we can help you in making the right choice.

Why are our Prices so Low?
Good question. Well for starters, we have a fully automated system, that will take your order, process the payment, create your account, and email you your new account information. Payments are accepted only ONLINE, which means no wasted time or additional staff to follow up for payment dues. Technical support is offered via a online helpdesk and trouble ticket system, which means every support request of yours is monitored and closed within a time period of 24 or a maximum of 48hours after sucessfull resolution. No telephonic support, is provided that means additional saving passed on to you as the customer!


250MB/10 Email Rs.2000

500MB/20 Email Rs.3500

750MB /30 Email Rs.5500
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250MB/10 Email Rs.3000

15 Page Website

500MB/20 Email Rs.5500

50 Page Website

750MB /30 Email Rs.8500

500 Page Website

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Mahahost's complete range of website management tools makes creating and managing a professional quality website, quick and easy.
Simply plug in your information, click a button, and let our Website Builder Software do the rest. High quality website designs and interactive components are available at the click of a mouse.

With mahahost's Website Builder, users can easily manage website pages, images, graphic design, colors, website navigation, fonts, and more... Click Here For List of Features

Plug-and-play website templates. Just swap out the logo, insert text, images and the content that you want right away Click to view our WEBSITE TEMPLATE GALLERY
* Prices applicable only if payments are made online. Technical support offered by HelpDesk. No telephonic support available.
Low cost web site hosting based in Bangalore India. MahaHost.Com is a reliable web hosting company providing Linux and Windows Server shared and dedicatd hosting solutions, search engine submission, domain name registration, web site design, website development, ecommerce, websites with shopping cart and payment gateway solutions and services. Located in Bangalore, India and serving customers in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Calcutta, Bangalore, Pune, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Gujarat, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttarpradesh. Bangalore based Radical Networks, provides Reseller hosting services, selling of hosting space and domains by resellers where they can generate very good margins, selling world class web hosting, domain registration, website development and ecommerce services. MahaHost.Com has been rated by many customers for prompt technical support, and innovative products and services in the area of web hosting, domain registration, ecommerce, web site development services, search engine submission services

Domain Name Selection and Registration | Web Hosting Space with Database backend | Website Design | Payment Gateway Integration Ecommerce Shopping cart development and customisation | Securing your website transactions with SSL certitication |
Website Search Engine Optimization and periodic submission | Reseller Hosting

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